Basic principles of Sound


- Waves and Oscillations - Wavelength, Frequency, Amplitude and Speed of Sound - Harmonics, Overtones and Music - Wave Propagation - Sound Localization - Wave Propagation, diffusion, absorption and deflection - Phases - Mono and Stereo - Frequency Response, Octave Ranges

Acoustics and Audio Electronics

Audio Electronics

- Voltage, Power, Resistance, Capacitance - AC and DC - Resistors,Capacitors, Diodes, Triodes and Vaccum Tubes - Transformers, Rheostats, Moving Coil Principles - Faradays Law and Flux - Class A and Class B amplifiers - Hi-fi Amplification - Preamps Electronics - EQ Compressors and Gates

Microhones, Speakers and Signal Processing

Basics of Micing

- Diaphragm Movement - Larynx and Difference between male and female diaphragms - Dynamic Microphone - Condenser Microphones and capacitance - Ribbon Microphones - XY, AB, micing techniques - Mid-Side, ORTF and Bluemlien Pair - Polar Patterns and Frequency Response

Music Production

Music Production

- Introduction to MIDI - Using MIDI in workflow - Designing sounds and working with softsynths - Introduction to Synthesis - Working with different styles of arrangements - Octaves and Voicings - Advanced Production Techniques


Pro Tools

-Introduction to Pro Tools -History of Avid -Types of Protools System -Basic Recording -Signal Flow, i/o, playback, preferences, buffer size -Hardware Software Configuration -Editing/ Time Quantization -Beat Detective, TCE, Types of Grids, Manual editing, Elastic Audio -Introduction to MIDI -Balancing

Basic principles of Sound


- Room Modes - Resonances - Golden ratios - Tangential, axial and Oblique mode - Rt60 - Decibels, FS and VU - Speaker Placement - Isolated Construction - SBIR - Sketchup and Room Design

Course Timeline



Ronak Runwal

Ronak Runwal is the co founder of Gray Spark Audio & Sound Engineering Academy. He formed the Academy with the goal to equip students with the skill sets needed to be competent audio professionals. Ronak has worked as a Recording / Mixing and Mastering Engineer for over 10 years . He has also worked as a Chief Acoustician for multiple projects across the country and brings his cumulative experience in these fields to train the students of our Academy.    


Nitin Muralikrishna is a music producer, recording and mixing engineer. He has completed a Masters Degree in Music Production, Technology and Innovation from Berklee Valencia. He has worked at Wisseloord Studios in Netherlands where he produced, recorded and mixed the work of musicians from different parts of the world, such as Steve Umculo, Micheal Bester Jazz Quintet, Ricardo Osorno Jazz Trio and more. Domestically, he has worked with Think Future Creations, SE pictures and Divo Movies. Nitin is also the keyboardist and co-producer of the band ‘Easy Wanderlings’. He believes in giving importance to every small sonic element that cumulatively forms a multi-layered arrangement.


Malay is a sound designer and a creative editor with a post-graduate degree in Sound Recording and Designing from the Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, Kolkata.

What do our Students have to say

To become an audio engineer was always my dream, and the day when i joined Gray Spark it was like a dream come true. The faculty of the academy is always ready to give! It was an amazing experience. Truly got to learn many new things within this short span! Its going to help me a lot in my future. My sincere thanks to Gray Spark!
Abhinav Mali
Being amongst the first students of a new academy you always are in two minds about how things are going to work out for you.. For me personally, Gray Spark has turned out to only be a great positive influence in my life mainly because of the amazing mentorship I get here. The faculty out here has a genuine desire to teach and mould everyone who has the goal of becoming a successful Audio engineer in the future. What makes this place stand out from the rest is that apart from the education you need in becoming an Audio Engineer it also equips you in how you can train yourself in becoming a true professional at the job which I think is completely unique.
Githin George