The mark of a good teacher is the ability to break down the fundamental concepts of a particular subject so that students can assimilate and practice the knowledge imparted to them.

At Gray Spark Audio Academy, our faculty has been carefully selected so that students gain insights into the different processes involved in sound engineering. Our faculty consists of a set of seasoned professionals who have worked on a diverse range of projects spanning different genres, from classical music to rock. They all have a nuanced understanding of their respective fields accumulated over several years of experience.


Harshad Sathe


With over 10 years of experience behind the glass, Harshad knows what music needs to sound like and what needs to be done to get it to that point. He has had extensive experience working on projects ranging from hardcore Bollywood to grass root indie bands and has worked with artists ranging from Lata Mangeshkar to Pt. Jasraj to Virgil Donatti.

Johnston Dsouza

Live Sound

A passout of SAE Johnston has been working primarily as a Live Sound and Studio Engineer in Pune and Mumbai. He is currently touring with Kabir Cafe, Vir Das, Amit Mishra etc
Johnston Dsouza teaches the Live Sound Module at Gray Spark Audio Academy.


Archana Kher

Pro Tools

Archana has worked in the industry for over 13 years now. She is a prominent figure in the Marathi film industry, having worked on films like Harishchandrachi Factory, Kapuskondyachi Goshta, Yashwantrao Chavan and more. She has also worked with multiple composers, singers and actors. In 2008, she was awarded the Indian Recording Arts Awards (2008) for ‘Best Recording Sound Engineer’.

Malay Vadalkar


Malay is a sound designer and a creative editor with a post-graduate degree in Sound Recording and Designing from the Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, Kolkata. He has had more than five years of experience in the field of sound design and music composition for audio-visual industries. He’s worked on a diverse set of projects including sound design, sound editing, dialogue/ADR recording & editing, re-recording and mixing engineer, Foley recording and editing, music composing and recording.

Nitin Muralikrishna

Music Production

Nitin Muralikrishna is a music producer, recording and mixing engineer. He has completed a Masters Degree in Music Production, Technology and Innovation from Berklee Valencia. He has worked at Wisseloord Studios in Netherlands where he produced, recorded and mixed the work of musicians from different parts of the world, such as Steve Umculo, Micheal Bester Jazz Quintet, Ricardo Osorno Jazz Trio and more. Domestically, he has worked with Think Future Creations, SE pictures and Divo Movies. Nitin is also the keyboardist and co-producer of the band ‘Easy Wanderlings’. He believes in giving importance to every small sonic element that cumulatively forms a multi-layered arrangement.


Ronak Runwal


Ronak Runwal is the Founder of Gray Spark Audio, he started the company back in 2011 with an idea of providing complete audio production and post production solutions. Ronak has worked as an engineer and producer for various mainstream artists like Javed Ali, Vishal Mishra, Aishwarya Nigam to independent artists like Celestial Teapot, Drawing short straws, Easy Wanderlings etc.
Ronak has a decade worth of experience in the field of Acoustics, Recording and Mastering. Ronak has worked on numerous award winning projects, he has also worked as a Chief Acoustician for multiple projects across the country and brings his cumulative experience in these fields to train the students of our Academy.    

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