About Us

In 2011, two Pune-based recording engineers – Harshad Sathe and Ronak Runwal – planted their flag in the ever-expanding music community of their city. Gray Spark Audio, a haven for both, the sonic adventures of independent, alternative artists from the growing scene as well as commercial producers and musicians, is located on Baner Road.

With an eye on the growing talent, Gray Spark Audio aims to equip and mentor the audio professionals of tomorrow with specific courses designed around audio engineering and sound production. That’s where the Gray Spark Audio Academy comes in.


Our Certificate Course for Audio Engineering is a 9 Module Course, where a handpicked batch of 10-12 students will receive an extensive introduction to the Gray Spark approach to sound. It’s not just ‘sit and learn’, but ‘get up and deliver’.

The Gray Spark Audio Academy’s mentorship programme aims to create a team of engineers who aren’t just Pro Tools operators but those with a keen set of ears and a sharp mind to bring in reasoning and thought into sound engineering.

And we’re not just about sitting behind a console while you track your instrument or vocal takes. Gray Spark’s expertise extends well outside the studio, into sound design, on location/live recording, enhancement, restoration and syncing, among others.