Here are some frequently asked questions that we generally come across:

At Gray Spark Audio & Sound Engineering Academy, we have a select few faculty, all of whom are musicians, professional sound engineers and producers themselves with years of experience to back it up. You can find out more about each of them by visiting our faculty page

At Gray Spark Audio Academy, we have two state of the art, well equipped studios which are used for professional recording sessions. The theory lectures take place in our classroom located in our studio facility itself. Please feel free to contact us and set up a studio visit anytime.

We recommend that students have their own Laptop and a 2 in 2 out soundcard, however it is not a must.

You can have a career in a variety of fields after you pass out from our course based on what you wish to specialize in. The field of sound engineering is vast and diverse. It is up to you to decide what your aptitude and liking is. Music production, being a film mix engineer, a sound designer, an ADR engineer or a live sound engineer are just some of the options available to you after completing this course.

After you submit your application we call you to our facility for a basic logical reasoning and a musical ability test. Based on the results of this test, we select our students.

What does Sound Engineering Entail?

Sound Engineers work in various areas contrary to common belief that they just make songs . (Such a Person is called a music producer).

As a Sound Engineer you can:

  • Music Production/Mixing/Mastering Engineer : Bring a Producers (or your) Song to life. Use Techniques to make a song or an album absolutely world class and well make a bathroom singer the next Adele or make your neighbourhood band sound like the foo fighters. At your disposal shall be amazing Sound Engineering Tools Like Compressors , Equalisers and many more.
  • Live Sound Reinforcement : Another amazing career opportunity to be always surrounded my new music and a critical part of any performance . Calibrating massive Line Arrays at concerts and mixing music Live can be an exhilarating experience. A Live Sound Engineer is Key to making or breaking the band on stage sound like their best. Have a knack to solve problems and love music you might just enjoy figuring out how the wind direction shall change the sound of the artist on stage
  • Film/Game Audio : A Film is driven by the sound and getting the perfect sound is a challenging tasks. Film and Game audio engineers are skilled at generating new sounds and mixing them to make a captivating experience . Working with surround sound , emulating a space and recording every aspect of a film can be extremely challenging and enjoyable.
  • Acoustics/Music Engineering : The Core Science of sound. From making a space sound good, so that your fellow mix engineer can work in an accurate sounding space , or engineering the perfect Speakers or Preamps. If you’re a gear nerd and want to experiment with sound there is a vast industry waiting for you.
  • State of The Art Facilities and Hands on training: To gain an edge in this industry a portfolio of good work is absolutely necessary at GSAA our students get to work with the best clients in our roster and get hands on training in our two world class studios .
At GSAA we shall provide you a strong foundation to build your career and be amongst the niche.

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