Student Work

As our students progress through the modules, we assign them projects from the studio that help them apply theoretical concepts that they have learnt. Students are assigned projects that challenge them to think professionally and solve problems that they might encounter while working as an audio engineer. It also helps them build their portfolio, which is paramount in the music industry.

Here’s some of the work our students have done previously:

BYOH Live Feat. Celestial Teapot

We had our doubts about whether the overwhelming genre of post-rock would fit in with the flavour that BYOH is associated with, the band presented their unapologetic, high-energy best. This event helped students understand how the recording process works, not just technically but also in terms of client interaction, setting up a live event and similar skills that complement technical competence.

BYOH Live Feat. Small Talk

This young quartet has always delivered on their melodies with their vocals and groovy bass-lines. We were interested to see how this would play out in a more intimate setting and, true to form, the Bombay based band captivated everyone with their neo-soul groove diving into brilliant solos and percussions. Our students helped set up the entire event along with engineers from the studio who were present for guidance when needed.

Aks Foundation

Our students helped with production and sound design for Aks Foundation, which endeavors to provide compassionate, comprehensive services to those impacted by gender based violence while partnering with the community to promote safety, awareness and prevention. This was a great opportunity for our students to execute a project from start to finish, right from conceptualization to execution.

Har Pal Yahi – Githin Sam George

This song was recorded , Produced, Mixed and Mastered by the students of Gray Spark Audio Academy.
Har Pal Yahi has climbed up to 4th on the Best Selling Albums List on OkListen.

CallmeBaph – Shubham Vaidya

This song was produced, recorded and mixed by Shubham Vaidya. 

Student Testimonials

My time at Gray Spark Audio Academy helped me learn things about the audio industry which I wasn’t aware of. When you start out in a particular field, you have certain preconceived notions based on what you’ve read, but once I spent time inside the studio, I realized that in the music industry, rather than conceptualizing things, they are better learnt by doing them. The best part about the academy is that they don’t have a large intake, so every student gets personalized attention. The faculty members are teachers during class hours and mentors all the way through. They also helped me work on my strengths so I can build my skillsets to address emergent needs, which is really important in such a dynamic field.
Kartikeya Dixit
Sound Designer
Being a part of Gray Spark Audio Academy is an experience I'll cherish for my lifetime. Being a total newbie in the realm of audio, Ronak and Harshad were the best mentors anyone could hope for. They truly cared about making thier students thorough professionals. Being a part of a traditional 'engineering' background I was sure I'd ace it considering I had for years of experience. However, working and studying at Gray Spark taught me what really audio engineering is all about. It's not about the glam that most of the world portrays but a real test of your knowledge, skill, patience and management. Being thrown into the real deal and not doing senseless assignments slowly built up my repertoire in a field I was certainly not a natural in. I was taught all the intricacies so I can tackle anything thrown my way. I got to work on films, ads and even voiceovers. I found my purpose and plan to study acoustics in depth. If anyone really wants to learn I can't recommend better people or course around.
Tushar Verma
Being amongst the first students of a new academy you always are in two minds about how things are going to work out for you.. For me personally,Gray Spark has turned out to only be a great positive influence in my life mainly because of the amazing mentorship I get here. The faculty out here has a genuine desire to teach and mould everyone who has the goal of becoming a successful Audio engineer in the future. What makes this place stand out from the rest is that apart from the education you need in becoming an Audio Engineer it also equips you in how you can train yourself in becoming a true professional at the job which I think is completely unique.
Githin George
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