Why Gray Spark Audio Academy?


With an eye on the growing talent, Gray Spark Audio aims to equip and mentor the audio professionals of tomorrow with specific courses designed around audio engineering and sound production. That’s where the Gray Spark Audio Academy comes in. Since its conception, our Academy has trained numerous Audio Professionals across sectors like Film, Music, Audio Electronics, Acoustics and many more. Our goal is to contribute to the ever growing community of Audio Professionals in this country one great student at a time.
Students from all over the world are joining Gray Spark Audio Sound Engineering and Music Production Course. We have had international students coming from all the way from Nepal, Dubai and Spain. 

Few Highlights Why Gray Spark Audio Academy:

-Extensive practical training to complement theoretical knowledge
-Access to 4 industry Standard Recording Studios
-Flexible course structure with elective modules
-Chance to interact with seasoned professionals from the industry
-In depth knowledge of software like Protools, Logic and Ableton
-Experienced working professionals as faculty
-Free access to all Gray Spark Audio events and workshops

Learn in a studio

Unlike other music production courses where students are confined to the walls of a classroom and a syllabus we have dared to take a different approach in teaching audio where teaching is secondary but we believe in practicing it first and making mistakes and learn from it, so what better place than an actual running studio with audio professionals guiding students and teaching them by practice.

Portfolio oriented Course

This course is designed in a specific way where by the end of the course you would have a portfolio strong enough for applying jobs and getting recognized as an audio professional.


4 Month Assistantship Program where students work as Assistant Engineers under the guidance of a Senior Engineer. During this time students get to work on top corporate projects such as ad projects, films etc and also with top indie artists/bands like Easy Wanderlings, Sanjeev Thomas etc.
Provisions can also be made for students who are also interested in specific fields like Live Sound and Acoustics to assist on an ongoing gigs/projects.

Placement Guidance

We not only look after your placement opportunities but also guide you in taking the right step towards further education. A fulltime guide dedicated to guide you in how to build your portfolio and how to apply for opportunities.


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At Gray Spark Audio Academy Pune we start off by teaching the basic principles of sound before we get into complex topics like Mixing and Mastering. It’s extremely important for budding audio engineers to truly understand the working and meaning of various basic concepts like frequency, decibels, the history and evolution of Audio Recording mediums etc. because understanding these elementary concepts can truly unlock the potential of how you apply these Audio tools.


We believe, to master any skill it takes the total effort of your: heart, mind, and soul working together in tandem. Hence our Sound Engineering course has been carefully designed with 10 modules catering to help students evolve as Audio Engineers. In this video we talk about one of our modules called the “Recording module”. Here we have asked a series of questions to our students from our previous batch and also the faculty.

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