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Marketing on digital platforms is becoming a necessary and unskippable step for any independent artist. So what are the best music marketing strategies for musicians and songwriters?

Being a musician or composer can often mean taking on many new roles. As creating and performing your original music remains at the top of your to-do list, creating a digital marketing strategy is one of the most important steps in getting your music heard by the listeners or target audience it’s intended for.

With new music being released every minute, how your music is marketed will determine how it connects with your audience. If you sell your music independently, more than likely you are your team. (5 Music Marketing Strategies)

Step no. 1

Fanbase and Target Audience

Whether you’ve been making music for years or just starting out, knowing your audience or potential audience can be a game changer. You’ll want to know where your audience is based, how old they are, and how they spend their time online.

By creating social accounts and paying attention to your stats, this information is readily available. Take a look and see when the people interacting with your content are most active and try to create a schedule that matches their habits.

Depending on the stage of your music career, this next one may be premature, but you can’t go wrong with a website. With a website, you can track visits to your site and have a central hub for everything you create. Unlike social media platforms, you create the atmosphere and functionality of the website. By seeing where people are visiting your website from, you can get a clear idea of where to focus your marketing.  (5 Music Marketing Strategies)

Step no. 2

Creating a community

Having a loyal fan base or community around you as an artist is widely overlooked. Two hundred dedicated fans are worth a lot more than 10,000 followers who rarely engage with your social media accounts.

Don’t forget to interact with your followers, it’s that simple. If you post a video of you playing or a photo from last night’s concert and people reply, you should reply to every comment.

Being in touch with fans and even newbies on your social accounts will put you ahead of the pack. Engage with what they post and build relationships organically. When individuals are engaged, they are listening and following the story in the game.

More often you see artists and writers selling subscriptions to their private websites and offering previews of upcoming and even unreleased material. It’s something to think about after gaining a loyal fan base that wants to see more of what you have to offer as an artist.  (5 Music Marketing Strategies)

Step no. 3

Becoming a conversation

As an artist, you want people to talk positively about you. You need to focus on submitting your music to playlists, streaming services, press outlets and blogs that match your genre of music.

With a quick google search on blogs or streaming platform playlists for your particular genre, you’ll see endless places to submit your music for free. Try to submit your music about 2-4 weeks before release to give all media outlets enough time to review the submission and create the necessary response on their platform. The last thing you want to do is create and sing and release it immediately.

Having a plan and putting it in front of stores early can help performance tremendously. Make sure you don’t rush this step. If your music gets picked up by a blog or print server, be sure to include it on the website as it will help your website’s overall SEO.

Finally, you will want to create an electronic press kit (EPK) for yourself. This is a resume for you as an artist. You want to make sure your electronic press kit includes: a bio, photos, current music, contact information, and usually a video. The easiest way to do this is to add it to a previously created site. However, if you don’t have a website, you can use Wix or another website builder to create a one-page website containing all the information needed for the EPK.  (5 Music Marketing Strategies)

Step no. 4

Social Media Influencers

I know social media influencers give a bad rap sometimes, but hear me out on this one. Social media is here and it will never go away. They control data and advertising, and if you want to succeed, you have to use the tools they give you.

TikTok was the fastest growing app with one billion monthly users, yes I said billion with a B. Almost every TikTok has music in the background. If you are an artist, you should explore using influencers within your budget to create a TikTok with your song, the reach and growth can be fast. If you are a songwriter, see how many aspiring artists are on the platform, reach out to them and pitch your songs!

Collaborating with others and even paying them to use your music is a strategy that is not being looked at anymore.

Step no. 5

Using Youtube

When you think of watching videos online, what comes to mind? If you’re like the rest of us, probably YouTube. This is a phenomenal platform not only for artists but also for writers. Set up your camera and record yourself playing the new song you wrote and post it on your YouTube channel.

Building a fan base from raw and organic renditions of original material can be the best way to grow as an artist or become a prominent writer. It only takes one video to become a well-known or leading writer in the industry. YouTube gives millions of people their own stage, what will you do on yours.

In Conclusion

With all that being said, it’s important to keep writing and making the music you’ve come to love. Over time, your tastes and skills will change, but the passion will always be there. Remember why you started making music in the first place, it’s fun and something you enjoy.
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