Rolling into Month 5 of the Lockdown in India and we can see a ton of musicians taking this pause to release even more of their music.
At a time when resources are limited, income has practically come to a standstill, musicians have still come through, recorded and released their tracks. And for that, we thank them!

Here are a few of our artists and their recent releases that you can check out!

Derric D’souza’s Trickster sounds a bit like a folk ballad, and a bit like a pop number. Whatever genre Trickster falls in, it’s definitely one of the
most feel-good Indie tracks in recent times.
-Score Magazine

The opening track, “A Lack Thereof” has a beautiful build with acoustic guitar and piano parts while Daniel’s crafty vocal harmonies run through it. The song gradually opens up with a melodic guitar line and eventually goes heavy with distortion. “It wrestles with the feeling of lacking in one’s life, and goes from doubt to hope to dismissal,” says Daniel.
-The Rolling Stone

‘Bajaj Avenger has rolled out its latest campaign ‘Fly Away’. Conceived by Mullen Lintas Mumbai, draws a parallel with a music band that seeks to overcome their creative block by uniting with the environment around them. The long-format campaign film features Easy Wanderlings, a music band, and their journey of creating music.’
-Financial Express

Tu” as a song, is a very special expression of everyone’s life. Their first love.

If you are looking for a tranquil collection of music that reminds you of Elton John, but modern enough to give you that push like the Billboard hits you hear today, look no further as I have come across an artist that is delivering music that is reflective and descriptive.
Akshit Dhall from Pune, India is a singer songwriter who recently released 30th of February a six song EP that fabulously transcends the listener to a place where modern love and acceptance travels freely.

Having enthralled audiences and judges alike through popular TV shows such as The Voice of India, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and MTV Roadies, Lakshya Bhatnagar has earned a name for himself in the music industry.
The EP has been composed and written by Lakshya. Most of the tracking and recording work has been done under the very able hands of Nitin Muralikrishna, Chief Audio Engineer at Gray Spark Audio, Pune which is a popular hub for Indie artists.

‘Kal Aaj Aur Kal’ makes one feel cheerful, mellow and nostalgic. Each of the tracks is associated with a particular phase in Lakshya’s life. The music is upbeat and punchy throughout, with slightly mellow and soft tunes in between. All the tracks have a groovy sub-tone. The lyrics elucidate the journey of an artist. There are darker and deeper undertones in terms of instrumentals in some of the tracks that describe a difficult phase in the life of the artist. Even while listening to these melancholic tracks, one can still find themselves feeling energetic, due to the power packed instrumentals. Overall, this album is a great mix of contemporary rock with pop music that everyone can relate to. The blend of genres in this album clearly comes out well and is a musical delight!
-The Indian Music Diaries

Nitin Muralikrishna has been releasing music as Palindroma since 2017, and has been known to draw from genres like classical music, electronica of the 90s and 2000s, acoustic and rock. His latest single, ‘Haze’ takes these elements and pushes them into exciting new directions. When first bits of synth-keys hit you, the expectation of a chill-out track is set. However, the track blooms with Nitin’s own spin on the aforementioned genres. The ambience of the song is cold and haunting. The distorted vocal processing that he throws in from time to time blend with the instrumentals perfectly. -A Humming Heart
Track not released yet. But we still felt it deserved a spot on this list. You’ll agree once you check out this teaser!

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