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When did you know that you're going to become an Audio Engineer for live sound? Tell us a bit about your journey?

I got interested in audio back in 2004, the first time I ever attended a concert. It was 5 years later that I actually got into audio engineering. During that time however I did spend time at Nitin Joshi’s studio.

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How did you go about finding your first few clients? Tell us how you grew your clientele with timeTell us a bit about your journey?

My first client was Vir Das, he had put in a requirement for engineers at SAE mumbai but my job with him was playing keyboards, after that I went on to do visuals and much later I started doing sound for him. Meanwhile I came to Pune and met up with Uday shah and got my first live show back in 2010 I think. From there it was just meeting bands at shows. Eventually started doing the shows at High Spirits Cafe, Shisha Cafe, and almost all the happening places at that time,where I met many bands. They liked my work and started calling me on tour with them.
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Why did you get into Live sound and what are some of the challenges you face on set?

The first job I ever got was around a live stage so I just stuck there. Challenges change as you grow and gain more experience. But for starters I think is gaining speed of work and learning to troubleshoot.
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No. 4

What is the once piece of gear you can't live without?

That would be my In Ear Monitors, as I do a lot of Monitor Engineering.
No. 5

What is going to be your next gear purchase?

I think I am done for 2019! But the gear list is never ending so next purchase would be the ATH M40x and a couple of mic mutes
No. 6

Advice to Audio Engineers who want to make it in the Live Sound industry!

If you are studying at an audio school do not skip the basics thinking that is only for studio work… If you are thinking of self learning start with the basics of audio! Get an internship from a reputed sound rental company.

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No. 7

If there was one thing you wish event organizers and Artists knew, what would it be?

Enough time, proper planning and preparation is the secret to a successful show.
No. 8

What are some of the most challenging and rewarding projects you've worked on?

Off the top of my head, the 2019 taping of Vir Das’ new netflix special.
No. 9

Where do you see the future of Audio Engineering headed?

With advancements in technology its really tough to imagine… The sky’s the limit! There are new things being invented literally everyday.. All I can say the future is is going to have an endless number of tools for those who want to express themselves through any form of audio!
No. 10

How do you deal with creative differences and communicating this to your clients? Where do you draw the line?

When you are working with any material that is not your own, you need to understand its not your baby, If I feel there could be some improvements made I politely place my ideas in front of them. But ultimately its the clients call, if they are happy I am.
No. 11

Also, how is it working with your close friends/band members and how do you deal with creative differences there?

I think the more professional you are, the better it is. So again give my point of view and let them take the final call.
No. 12

What are some of the wackiest thing you've done at a Show? or Tell a fun story from an experience.

During one international tour, we arrived at a venue for sound check to realise the organisers haven’t ordered of any sound equipment. So I had to get into disaster control mode and order equipment last minute and make the best of what I get!

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