In this blog post, I’m going to list down a few Freeware that you can browse through or try if you’re an Audio Enthusiast with some time on your hands.
This software is pretty simple and basic and can start you off in the right direction towards your goal of audio engineering. The more time you spend on these tools the better you get tuned to understanding the inner workings of a DAW.

No. 1


Reaper DAW
Reaper is an Easy to use and simple DAW that can start you off with simple audio editing and mixing tools.
Here you can start putting down any ideas of the songs you have, record multiple tracks and mix them down into a stereo Mix.
This tool is great for starters and also has some amazing advanced functionality.
No. 2


Audacity DAW
Audacity is an easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder for Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, and other operating systems.
Developed by a group of volunteers as open source.
This is a great tool for someone who wants to edit and record audio. It has simple and easy to use GUI and very easy to use tools.
No. 3



Garageband comes free with any Mac device and is a great starter for musicians to put down all their ideas.
Although it can’t do professional recordings and processing like its Pro Version Logic, it a great starter to record demos and keeping all ideas in one place. I highly recommend this for a bedroom producer whos just starting out.

No. 4

Hya-Wave (Chrome)

HYA Wave Chrome
This is a new version of daws that is capable of running in your BROWSER! You can very easily record while an onboard microphone on your Laptop or device or record the file through a line input. It has some very cool preloaded effects that you can add and play around with, all in all, it’s a pretty cool software to use.
No. 5

Ardour DAW

Ardour is a software that I recently discovered that is free for users that started out on Mac and Linux OS systems. They have recently initiated a windows port of the same software and it works great on Windows 7 and higher. Its a great software for small startup studios and has a tonne of flexibility and features onboard. Synchronization with video is supported, and full handling of MIDI recording, playback and editing are expected with the highly-anticipated release of the third edition of Ardour. The thing that sets Ardour apart from the rest of the pack is what’s under the hood.

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