Behind every song, there is a creative process that involves collaboration, experimentation, and a deep passion for music. In this blog, we will explore the journey of two indie artists, Shubham Shinde and Aryan, as they navigate the world of music production and create a unique sound that resonates with their audience.

Shubham Shinde, also known as SlippyTrippy, is a hip hop artist and rapper from Pune. Aryan, on the other hand, is a budding producer with a keen interest in music production. Their paths crossed at Gray Spark Audio Academy, when Shubham approached Aryan with an idea for a song. They both had a shared vision of creating a track that combined storytelling with punchy lyrics and a vibrant vibe.

During their time at the academy, they learned various techniques and received valuable advice from mentors on how to improve their craft.

Step no. 1

Collaboration and Experimentation

The duo embarked on their journey by creating a sample beat that embodied their unique style of storytelling. Aryan added his touch to the beat, infusing it with trap elements and a hint of aggression. The result was a track that stood out from the crowd and had the potential to make an impact in the music industry. Inspired by their initial success, Shubham and Aryan decided to take their collaboration further. They enrolled in Gray Spark Audio Academy, an institute known for its expertise in music production. Here, they had the opportunity to work with professionals from the industry and explore new ideas. During their time at the academy, they learned various techniques and received valuable advice from mentors on how to improve their craft. They experimented with different styles and incorporated feedback to refine their sound. This process allowed them to gain clarity on the direction they wanted to take with their music.

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Step no. 2

The Recording Process

Recording their vocals was a crucial step in bringing their vision to life. Shubham and Aryan faced the challenge of finding the right microphone that would suit Shubham’s unique vocal style. After several trials, they settled on a microphone that captured the clarity and sharpness they were looking for. With the recording setup in place, they began laying down their vocals. Shubham’s rap style required a certain level of grit and aggression, which they achieved through careful mic placement and post production techniques. They aimed to strike a balance between clarity and distortion, ensuring that the vocals stood out while adding a touch of intensity to the overall sound.

Step no. 3

The Art of Mixing

Once the recording was complete, Shubham and Aryan embarked on the process of mixing their track. They had a plethora of ideas to explore, and their class at the academy became their playground for experimentation. Each input from their peers helped them finetune the track and make informed decisions about the overall sound. They meticulously worked on every detail, leaving no stone unturned. With the help of their mentors, they crafted a sound that was unique to their style. They carefully layered different elements, ensuring that each addition enhanced the overall impact of the song. Their attention to detail and dedication to their craft resulted in a track that encapsulated their creative energy and vision.

Step no. 4

The Final Touches

As they neared the end of their journey, Shubham and Aryan realized that their track needed a little extra something to make it truly stand out. They decided to add additional adlibs and extra layers to enhance certain sections of the song. This final touch brought the track to life and elevated it to another level.

Here’s the final output, give it a listen.


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