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At Gray Spark Audio Academy, we provide a  Music Production course in Pune along with Sound Engineering Course. As we get students who want to be artists and want to create their own music, we found it very important to know the creative side of music where you learn to put down ideas on a DAW and then later get technical while mixing or mastering the same music. In this way students learn the skill of both worlds and know what suits them more and explore more in these fields.

Lets first learn the difference between Music Production and Sound Engineering

What is Music Production

In a  Music Production course in India the approach has to be creative in nature where you take the ideas that are there in your head and put it down on a DAW or play it on an instrument.
Here you need to also know how to run a basic Digital Audio Workstation for putting down your ideas, and also sometimes you would need to produce the instruments in a particular way where it would justify your style or the artist’s style or what the music needs for it to stand out, for example: if you want the song to have a punchy distorted kick or want a synth that gives you a panning effect from left to right then you would have to process your normal kick or synth sample in a particular way using plugins.
Thus you would need to learn how to use these plugins on the DAW where things get technical.

You would also need to know the basic music theory to create melodies, come up with counter melodies and figure out chords and arrangements, while in sound engineering you would analyze the sounds and recorded instruments and how to make it sound cohesive enough to sound pleasing to the ears and bring across the emotion of the song. Sound engineering is more technical in nature as compared to Music Production.  

FAQs about Music Production

Is Music Production a good career?

Music production has a huge scope in job opportunities, ranging from game sound production to film scoring and production to music production. Arranging, finding the right instrumentation, creating the wow factor in the music, and setting the right mood are all the responsibilities of a good music producer. 

What are the different careers in Music Production?

A modern day music producer’s job is much more diversified as compared to the traditional way, where he should know the basics of arrangement, music theory, DAW usage, using synthesis and midi to create specific sounds.
These are the different career paths for music producers: Rhythm producers, string section producers, beat producers, vocal producers, game sound producers.

How long does it take to learn music production?

Music production courses are basically a medium to show you how you can get better and refine your skills on understanding sounds and arrangements and how to use technologies to get a specific sound. Therefore there is no specific time period for learning music production, it is like an instrument where you only get better by practicing it and getting better each time. At Gray Spark Audio Academy we teach you to find your sound as there is no wrong way to perceive music and produce music.

Is music production hard?

It is not hard, but would need a lot of effort to make it as a music producer.
Studying music theory is step one for any music producer and knowing how to use a midi keyboard is the next step. The rest can be taken over by top music production courses in india to push you to get better and study famous music producers.

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