In the ever evolving world of Audio and Music it’s important for everyone to keep themselves up to date with the hottest things happening in the industry. These newsletters will help you do just that. 

Step no. 1


REDEF is a curated newsletters and conversation hub for all things media. It’s not limited to only music and you can find other industry updates on Media etc.

Bobby’s blog and newsletters will help you get better at making records, without worrying about the risk that he may be talking out of his you-know-what.

The Lefsetz Letter is simple and no frills, run from an open-source mail platform, with no extra anything. You’ll get plain text emails weekly, daily, bi-daily — whenever Bob has something to say (and there’s always something). But the best part is: everyone in the industry is reading his words at the same time you are.

Whether you’re an artist, creator or someone else trying to be heard online, our selection of marketing guides, walkthroughs and tips should help you amplify your message

Step no. 5


Learn the proven fan journey framework that will unlock your ability to turn strangers into supporting fans (and show you why most artists struggle to ever build a fan base).

– Simplify this formula into a set of automated campaigns that will create customers from fans, fans from listeners, and listeners from strangers.

– Use results-getting blueprints and playbooks to build a master-level music marketing system step-by-step faster than anyone else in the industry could.

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