This blog will be a continuation of the last blog in this series about generating Income through the Recording Studio Business. Today we shall discuss a few more ideas that business owners, engineers, producers, and musicians can think about.

No. 1

Music/Dialogue Editing and Sound Design:

With the sudden explosion of OTT platforms like Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Zee5, and many more we are seeing huge growth in requirements for Film Sound related needs. Sound Engineers and Producers can leverage their skills in order to help these newer filmmakers in creating this content.

In the current Indian entertainment industry, there is a huge demand for Sound Designers, Foley Artists as well as Film Score composers. This job role is pretty straightforward and doesn’t really require people to have humongous recording setups, if you have the talent and you’re willing to put in the effort you can definitely make a name for yourself in this niche.

The beauty of this business is that you need a small setup and you can do this work from virtually anywhere. The one good thing that has come out of this pandemic is the fact that people are now open to working with one another remotely and still being connected to the project. Directors earlier needed a lot of convincing to work out of a studio in Pune for a project that was happening in Mumbai, but now getting projects has become all the easier.

No. 2

Renting Out Equipment:

The chances are that if you have a big enough recording studio that’s capable of recording drums you should also be able to rent out your space for jamming sessions and also use other creative ways to attract musicians who want to use the space for writing their music.

Another way is to rent out your studio equipment for smaller live shows that happen in and around your city. Say you own a pair of Monitors, Speakers, and invest in a simple 16 channel analog mixer, you could get started with doing these smaller local pub events that will pay you a fixed income every month. You could also work there as a sound engineer and gain more experience and connect with more musicians who are playing live

The key to build a successful business is to find such creative ways with the equipment and infrastructure as well as skillset that you have to keep the money rolling in during the first few years of running this business. This business is by no means easy, but the fact that you get to make a living doing what you truly enjoy and the challenge that comes along with it is what makes it really worth it in the long run.

No. 3

Renting out your room:

Apart from just running the space as a jam room, you could also explore other opportunities like starting small shows from your studio or organizing critical listening sessions that can help you build your clientele and also showcase what you’re all about.

The studio space is also another space that people often require for Video Shoots for songs, for certain interviews that need to be done in a controlled environment. Try connecting with other video and film production agencies in your area and ask around if they are looking for a space to work out of, that’s your way in.

No. 4

Invest in people:

I’m sure you have heard this advice many times from different people in different lines of work. As generic and philosophical it may sound, it can’t be truer for the work we all are in. When you’re starting out as an engineer or producer, most often you will work with people of similar skill sets, people who are starting their career in this field as a Musician or a Voice Over artist, etc. Create long-lasting personal relationships with these people and know who you should invest in, by putting faith in people and going over and above your job role will cement long-lasting relationships that will not just pay off financially from a studio aspect but also make this work we do more meaningful.

The people who were amateurs when I started working as an engineer are big composers and artists who drive a majority of income to the studio, if it weren’t for that one time that we as a studio went did something that wasn’t expected of us we would not have formed such a strong business as well personal relationships with these people.
There’s a famous quote that goes something like:
“You don’t build a Business. You build people, and the customers build the business”

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