There are some microphones that you must have seen multiple times by now in different studios and you might also have seen them in action for recording different instruments/sounds. In this blog, we will discuss 6 such microphones. I will give you guys a brief introduction to these Microphones.
No. 1

AKG C414

The AKG C414 is a Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone that is used widely around all major recording or even home studios.
Having a matched pair for this microphone really helps to capture stereo sounds like a Drum Overhead or even for stereo micing a Piano.
The C414 is a very versatile microphone and has a naturally bright sound to it. It can be used in multiple scenarios from recording the acoustic guitar, to drum overheads to even a guitar cabinet. The one thing that stands common amongst all recordings done with a C414 is the natural bright texture of the microphone.
Another amazing characteristic of this microphone is its ability to record really loud sounds. You can use to record a snare even! Not a lot of condenser microphones can do this. The C414 sounds good on a lot of instruments but there are only a few sounds on which it sounds exceptional.

No. 2

SM 58

This legendary microphone is seen everywhere, from studios to live settings to even home recordings. This Dynamic microphone has pretty much defined the sound of the recording industry. It can be used on signals from Vocals to Drums to practically any sound that doesn’t require a very high-frequency definition. These microphones apart from being just good sounding are also extremely robust. I have multiple SM57 and SM58s that have survived the whack of the drum stick.
Paired with a good microphone preamp this microphone can do wonders.
No. 3


This microphone is also another Dynamic Microphone that as a very distinct sound as opposed to other dynamic mics.
This microphone is great to record Vocals, Guitar Cabs, and even Snare. This microphone has a very characteristic high mid boost and can work great when it’s used on the right instruments
No. 4

Neumann U87

This has been the most mainstream Vocal Microphone in the world. The U87 stands for clarity and precision for voiceover and modern record making, all across the spectrum, from pop, R&B, and hip-hop, to rock, country, and alternative of all sorts, nothing quite beats the U87.
No. 5


The KM184 is a small diaphragm that is used widely in studios. This microphone is best used on Acoustic Guitars and as drum Overheads. This microphone is best used as a stereo pair and can be used for AB/XY or ORTF recordings.
We very often use these microphones in the studio to capture the room sound using AB mixing.
No. 6

B91 and E602 II

Each of these two common kick-drum mics is also a great choice as a dynamic microphone for your bass cabinets, low-tuned guitars, and any other low-end-emphasized sound that you throw at it.

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