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The WesAudio Hyperion is a 500 Series stereo/dual-mono/mid–side 4-band analog EQ with digital recall that gives you complete control via its companion plug-in. Connectivity to your computer is handled via a front-panel USB port — or by a special rear-panel connector — that allows it to communicate with its free companion plug-in for complete control and automation within your DAW. A member of the company’s ng500 product line, Hyperion features a special connector (an extension of the standard connector found on all 500 Series modules), that allows it to mate with WesAudio’s _TITAN ng500 Recall Chassis. It also works in most standard 500 Series racks. Aside from its total recall capabilities, Hyperion offers extensive flexibility for sculpting your sound.

This eq is a game changer for me because I like to mix with a hybrid set up, and having usb control is so awesome. It has tons of headroom and a nice sound no matter how hard you push it. The THD is also a very nice feature and adds a nice color when engaged. I'm so smitten by this eq I have plans to get their 500 chassis and fill it up with the other units they offer. I definitely recommend this product.

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Hyperion offers a host of innovations that put it firmly on pro audio’s cutting-edge. Boasting an onboard control set that supports extensive sound-sculpting flexibility, the faceplate is fitted with 12 touch-sensitive encoders allowing for automation of each parameter. Hyperion features proprietary analog circuit control that eliminates glitches and artifacts due to encoder movement, allowing for full automation without unwelcome side effects. The HF (which extends to 25kHz) and LF bands are selectable between Bell and Shelf modes. The high-mid and low-mid bands are equipped with variable Q. Hyperion’s highpass filter has two modes: Normal (which is quite narrow) and Soft. Each band is fitted with individual bypass switches.

If the feature set ended there, Hyperion would still be a formidable studio tool. But the innovations continue with a THD control, switchable between Medium and High settings, that warms up your signal with tasty vintage-flavored even-order harmonics, A/B presets for easy wet/dry signal comparisons, and more. And here’s where Hyperion really breaks away from the pack, offering full control and automation via its free companion plug-in, with connection to your computer handled by a front-panel USB jack, or via WesAudio’s _TITAN ng500 Recall Chassis.

You don’t need a _TITAN to use Hyperion; ng500 modules are fully functional in most standard 500 Series racks. Each module features a front-panel USB connection you can connect to your computer for use with its respective companion plug-in for total control over one module at a time. But with the _TITAN ng500 Recall Chassis, you have complete control over all mounted modules.

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