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Music production is a fascinating field that captivates both artists and enthusiasts alike. Have you ever wondered how music producers make a living? In this blog, we will explore the various ways music producers generate revenue and sustain their careers through music production.

My journey into the world of music production started without any internet access.

My Experience as a Music Producer

I am Tejas, a music producer and sound engineer. I started my career as a student of Gray Spark Audio Academy. Currently, I work at a studio called The Audio Culture in Pune. I have been working there for two months, but I have more than a year of experience in this field. 
Prior to joining Gray Spark, I used to produce my own music. I was doing remixes and other related stuff, even before I joined the academy. I was an absolute newbie at that time, and I had no idea how to get started in the audio industry.

Learning and Growth

After completing a course, I worked with Fidel Craft, a corporate company specializing in film sound, audio, and stuff. I gained a lot of experience in this field even before joining Gray Spark. I was producing my own tracks, doing remixes, and everything a newbie producer does. But how did I get started in the field of audio production?

Initially, I was just a regular listener like other kids who used to listen to Bollywood, Michael Jackson, and bands like the Beatles. My father is also a big audio enthusiast, and I gradually developed an interest in music. I started learning instruments, and I learned to play the guitar. I was inspired by you and what you introduced in the first tape, which was a big name and overused Martin Garrix. My first DAW was LMM Studio. Before that, I didn’t even know what an FL Studio was. I didn’t have any internet access, so I downloaded a 200MB file from somewhere. I started from there.

Passion for Music Production

As I explored the field, my dreams gradually shifted towards becoming a great music producer. I slowly developed a passion for this craft. I started searching for workshops and courses related to music production. I came across GSAA and started exploring more about it. However, I don’t remember the subject of the workshop, but it was about the difference between a music producer and an audio engineer. That’s when I first heard the term “audio engineer” and learned about its role in my life.

Music Production vs Audio Engineering

Before that time, I didn’t know anything about audio engineering or what it entailed. So, I started searching for music production and audio engineering courses. I spent a lot of time on the internet, browsing through YouTube and other websites. I came across various courses related to music production and audio engineering. These courses provided me with valuable knowledge and skills essential for my career growth in music production.

It was not easy to understand the concept of music production. Most of the time, it seemed like a magical process. What you make doesn’t always flow as expected. Most of the time, it’s trial and error. What you ever make, it’s a unique creation that sets you apart from others. That’s what makes it special.


If you want to pursue a career in music production, follow your passion and search for opportunities. The internet is a great tool for learning and exploring music production. From online workshops to courses, you can find a wealth of information to help you kickstart your journey. Consider enrolling in a music production course to enhance your skills and knowledge. Remember, music production is not an overnight success. It requires hard work, dedication, and continuous learning. If you want to create more audio-related content, follow and explore Gray Spark Audio for more valuable insights.

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