This is going to be a short blog in a series of commonly asked questions and misconceptions about the field of Audio Engineering and Music Production ie Music School Vs Audio School. In this blog, we will go over what may seem like a very simple question but is the cause of confusion for a lot of people.


Misconceptions about Degree

Audio Engineering and Music Production courses often attract a lot of Musicians, Singer-Songwriters, Bedroom Producers, etc. people who have dabbled in the field of sound but want to take it to the next level. The biggest misconception that there can ever be is the fact that getting a “Degree” or “Certification” as an Audio Engineer or  Music Producer can legitimize your career. However in the field of audio, having a degree doesn’t matter as much as having a solid portfolio of work under your belt to showcase to potential employers. I say this, being an employer as well. Ensuring a stable career in the field of sound does not depend on having a degree at the end of your course.

Most Musicians come to the Audio Engineering course thinking that getting a Degree as an Audio Engineer will help with future career prospects without first realizing that Audio Engineering and Music production are skill sets that are very different from a skillset expected of a musician.
If you want to learn Music in a structured fashion and if your goal is to become a full time performing musician, your goal should be to go to a Music School as opposed to an “Engineering Course
If you are interested in learning and developing new skill sets other than being a Musician, then you can look at joining a course like ours where we help students develop new skill sets so they can find a niche in the competitive entertainment industry landscape. Having these extra skill sets as a musician, sets you apart, and also allows you to have other sources of income. This makes your career as a musician a lot more sustainable in the long run.


Music Theory

A lot of people have this misconception that “Music Production” teaches students about Music Theory and writing and creating Music. Music Production courses do teach a little bit about some music theory concepts but not in the level of detail that you would see in a Music School. 

The goal of a Music Production course is to empower students to take their ideas from a simple melody to a fully fleshed-out song. The skills required to “Compose” and “Create” Ideas are not usually taught in a Music Production Course.

If you find yourself not being able to jot down your ideas into actually completed songs, then the skills you learn from a Music Production Course will help you master the art of execution.
Not just this, Music Production can also help you not just create your music but also empower you with the skills to help others create Music.



Another common misconception is that going to a Music Production course will help students become better performers. There might be some truth to this idea, but there are two kinds of performance skills. Studio vs Live.
Indeed, recording inside a studio, or analyzing your performance by recording it and listening back to it over and over again can help you identify your flaws and what you need to work on, but that may not necessarily make you a better performer live. Music Schools are geared to turn Musicians into Performers, they teach the art of evoking emotion from musical performance.

All in all to conclude, if you’re someone who’s looking to become a better Musician, who can come up with new ideas, someone who wants to learn how to be a better performer, composer, player then you should look at going to a Music School.

On the other hand, if you are someone who aims to learn new skills like being able to record music, or put down musical ideas into tangible songs, or even interested in learning some technical skills about how different recording equipment and the technology behind how records are made and leveraging these skills to help others and yourself make and create content then you should look at joining an Audio School.

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Music School Vs Audio School Music School Vs Audio SchoolMusic School Vs Audio SchoolMusic School Vs Audio SchoolMusic School Vs Audio School

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