In this blog, we’re showcasing our Student’s releases that they’ve worked on over the course of their year at Gray Spark Audio & Sound Engineering Academy. They’ve filled multiple roles, be that of Engineer, Musician, Producer or Mix engineer and done a fantastic job! 

CHASING HER - Jxoel & Mythl

This song is produced by Mithil and Co-produced by Joel Johnson. The composition and vocal production was done by Joel Johnson which can be heard in the iconic chorus, with catchy melodies and thick stack of rich vocals this song was one of the “out of the box” song by our students. Almost 100 tracks of vocal harmonies and vocal layers are stacked up in this song

VOICES – Gautham Vyas

Two of our student’s releases on this beautiful track and was also featured on Spotify playlist. Gautham composed, produced and mixed the song.

Chicken Nuggets – Odyssey 147, Adhitavo

‘Chicken Nuggets’ is a pop-influenced funk rock song that has chunky guitars, a funky bass line, dreamy synths backed by vocal harmonies. It’s a juxtaposition of melancholy with upbeat pop energy. It is Pune based prog-rock band Odyssey 147’s debut single. This track was featured in Rolling Stone India’s Fresh Indie Fridays, Red FM North East Edit (Radio) and Youtube/Prime music editorial playlists.

The Search (Clash Of Clans) – Adhitavo & Ajay Majethia

Composed ,co-produced and recorded (instrumentation) a song for Clash of Clans for a beautiful film shot in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh. The song features Raman Negi the lead vocalist of India’s popular band ’The Local Train’. The song talks about walking ahead despite knowing what lies in the future. The production has a warm indie sound with live drums, ukulele, piano,
melodica and soothing harmonies to support it. The Search Project has crossed 7.7 million views on Youtube

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