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6 Silly Soundproofing Myths to Avoid – Blog, Believe it or not, there are so many ridiculously silly “soundproofing methods” circulating the internet that I thought why not write a blog about one to educate people as to what works and what is a lie. Some of these products are being sold on amazon at an extremely high price and people end up spending ridiculous amounts of money behind these snake oil salesmen.

  • Egg Crates:
    I mean this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, why go through the trouble of spending money setting up the acoustics of a room when you can just buy Egg Crates and stick them to the wall? Well, Egg Crates are porous and will let sound travel through them, they are not at all effective to isolate any kind of sound.
  •  Black Paints:
    Some rumours are going around that Black or Dark coloured paints have sound absorption characteristics and when you apply this paint to the walls of a room you end up with a room that will absorb most of the sound. There is no scientific evidence behind this and it does not work.
  • Filling walls with Cellulose:
    Some people believe that filling their walls with cellulose will effectively soundproof their homes. Cellulose will reduce the level of sound but enough to make a difference. Pumping your walls with cellulose is messy, costly, and a complete waste of time. 
  • Foam Sheets:
    There are a lot of these products that you will find on Amazon that will claim to absorb sound and reduce the amount of sound that travels through a room. This again is completely false, it is nearly impossible for any kind of foam to absorb sound to a point where it cannot transmit out of the room.

sound absorb
  •  Carpeting the Walls:
    Why on earth would anyone put carpets on the wall? Carpets can absorb some high frequencies but it will in no way stop the sound from going out of the room. What you need to sound to block out sound is mass and airtight construction. Carpets provide neither of these and hence are extremely ineffective at blocking out sound.
  • Nailing Old Mattresses to the Wall:
    Who’s idea was this, anyway? Nailing old mattresses to the wall is just plain goofy. They will have minimal effect and the amount of work you’ll have to put into nailing them up and sealing the seams is ridiculous. They’re ugly, smelly, and can also become mouldy. Just say no.
    Stay Alert for these 6 Silly Soundproofing Myths to Avoid

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