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Are you Building your Home Studio? Here are the 4 things that you should consider!

No. 1

Room Dimension

The dimensions of your room will be the biggest influence on what your room and eventually your work will sound like.
In a closed room, sound bounces off the 6 surfaces and creates various points in the room where the sound either constructively or destructively interfere to create what we call room resonances. This is the main reason why when a specific bass note plays in your room, it feels as if the whole room is vibrating. The specific frequency that you’re experiencing is the resonant frequency of the room.
The only real way to deal with this issue is to have a room whose dimensions are Non-harmonic.
In simple words, your room should ideally be built to a certain ratio.
Use can use our Room Ratio Calculator to find the ideal dimensions for your room
No. 2


Over the past few years I’ve received numerous calls from budding engineers and producers who want to Sound Proof their recording environment. To understand this you need to understand two concepts.
To completely soundproof a room you need to develop a space with is completely isolated, i.e there is no transfer of air between the two spaces. The more your space is isolated, the lesser the sound that will transmit through. Exactly the same way, the heavier the material that is creating the isolation, the lesser the sound transmission.
To understand this concept better in detail, I would recommend beginners to read the first 3 chapters of “Build it like the Pros” by Rod Gervais

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No. 3


Invest only in once piece of equipment every year, but only invest in equipment that adds value to what you do. It makes no sense to purchase a 50,000/- Microphone when your room isn’t completely isolated and the sound of the room is causing hindrance your recording.
Buy your equipment from a verified source, ideally if you can meet the person and try of that piece of equipment, do that.

No. 4

Not buying into fluff

There are a lot of Snake oil products out there that claim to make your recordings or your room sound better. Don’t buy into all this stuff, there is no simple and cheap fix to these problems. I have recently encountered some agents selling “High-Density Absorbing foam”, which does absolutely nothing. (You’d be better off hanging egg cardboard on your wall, well don’t do that as well.)

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