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Mixing vs mastering
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Mixing vs Mastering – music production

Simply put, mixing is the process of mixing multiple audio recordings together. Mastering, on the other hand, is the final check to ensure that audio material is ready for playback and distribution. (Mixing vs Mastering – music production blog) Let’s compare the goals of mixing and mastering as taught in top music production academy in

mixing mastering

Mistakes to look out while Mixing and Music Production

It’s no secret that the music industry is oversaturated with budding artists and musicians. Standing out from the crowd with your recordings can be difficult, but there are a few key things you can do to make your music sound more professional. If you want to get better at music production join top music production

Music studio

Checklist for all First timers

Being in a recording studio is such a therapeutic experience, most artists would live in it if they had the chance. The energy you find in a good recording studio with a professional team, a warm environment and a creative atmosphere is definitely unmatched. Even non-artists can find joy in being in the studio and


Ideal Mixing Room

(The ideal room for Mixing) – A “good sounding” recording room basically means a room with controlled and low reflections. For learning the science of how sound waves travel and the behaviour of sound is important for building a good space for mixing you can join any sound engineering institute in India to learn the acoustics

music marketing

5 Music Marketing Strategies

Marketing on digital platforms is becoming a necessary and unskippable step for any independent artist. So what are the best music marketing strategies for musicians and songwriters? Being a musician or composer can often mean taking on many new roles. As creating and performing your original music remains at the top of your to-do list,

Granular Synthesis Plugins

All about Granular Synthesis in music production

Music production is an art and science to making music using technologies. It’s a combination of being a musician in first place but also being a geek about virtual instruments and how to use a basic DAW to put down that ideas. – All about Granular Synthesis in music production Now coming to Granular Synthesis,

VU metering

VU Meter – Some Audio Metering History

Today there are so many different types of audio measurements to choose from that it can be overwhelming if you let yourself get overwhelmed. The fact is that many of today’s meter options come from the standard analog VU meter, which is much older than you think. To know more about reading audio and how

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What’s Bitcrushing? 5 Best Bitcrusher Plugins for Music Production

Bitcrushing is an instantly recognizable sound effect. What’s Bitcrushing? 5 Best Bitcrusher Plugins for Music Production Its signature digital tone can sound like a broken sound card or a corrupted audio file. Even so, it’s a unique sonic texture that can be used creatively to create interest and variety in your sound. In this article,

Recording studio

Is it Even Worth Going to a Recording Studio?

Is it even worth going to a recording studio in 2022 when you have the luxury for recording everything in your bedroom or so you think Studios are fun. They usually have nice and cozy interiors, nice people (if people aren’t welcoming and nice the studio would have a hard time running), big screens, nice

New audio blog youtube

Top 6 Audio Issues for YouTube Videos

Learn how to identify and fix these common sound issues to improve the quality of your YouTube videos and how we do it at our sound engineering academy in India. As a creator, you already have all the checklists for creating great videos: Engaging content? Check. Catchy Visuals? check. Crisp Audio? …and if you hesitated

stem exports for mix

How to export stems the right way

I have noticed a lot of artists and producers exporting their stems the wrong way for mixing mastering purposes, hence the whole purpose of writing this blog. I hope this (How to export stems the right way) blog can help you all to export stems the right way. When you are sending your song for

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From The Live Room

5 Common Mistakes While Recording

5 Common Mistakes While Recording Blog With the flexibility of digital music production, it can be easy to think of tracking as a relatively unimportant step in the music recording process. If your sound is largely dependent on digital processing, why bother with small details like microphone placement or preamp selection? Aren’t these considerations just


Future of Sound – Ambisonics

Introduction to Ambisonics Ambisonics is a full-fledged surround sound format: in addition to the horizontal plane, it covers sound sources above and below the listener. Unlike various multi-channel surround formats, the transmission channels in ambisonics do not carry speaker signals. Instead, they contain a speaker-independent representation of the sound field called B-format, which is then

Audio money

5 alternate ways to make money as an Audio Engineer

Many of us got into sound because we are music lovers. That’s definitely the path I took – my audio skills were just a byproduct of my need to record my own music. Once I started going to gigs as an audio engineer, I started to realize that there are a lot of audio jobs


7 Stereo Mic Techniques You Should Try

Engineers have been looking for various ways to record a source with better imaging and without compromising on the quality.  With more than one mic there will always be phasing issues but it notice it and get it fixed is the right way. Stereo miking techniques can use 2 and more mics. We have shortlisted

Audio Meme

What is Audio Clipping?

We’ve all heard the word and know about its horrible act of making the sound sound bad, but do we really understand what it is? Sound trim is often referred to or associated with red-lining. Let’s get into the awesome “Audio Clipping”. So what is Audio Clipping? Every machine has a limit, if you try


Techs For Sound Engineers and Music Producers

We are almost at the middle of the year, 2022 and there have been so many new technologies that have come up, with the revolutionary M1 Chip Technology by Apple and now even M2 being announced. The upgrade in processing that these chips have brought have changed the whole speed and efficiency game for systems

Software and equipment

Top 5 Headphones for Mixing Mastering

Today we at Gray Spark Audio an audio engineering course in India are reviewing the best headphones for 2022 mixing and mastering. As you know, the market is very saturated with old and new headphones, each with its own twists and excitement added to the listening experience by boosting and reducing specific frequencies, therefore understanding any headphones is very

Pro tools blog
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Everything about Pro Tools 2022.4 Artist, Studio, Flex

Avid has once again updated their DAW formats now creating 3 types of the same DAW and focused on being more user oriented. Pro Tools 2022.4 comprises Pro Tools Artist, Pro Tools Studio and Pro Tools Flex, and as the name suggests each type is oriented towards a specific user ie. Beginner Artists, Serious Music

Music Law

Intellectual Property Rights for Musicians Part 2 – with Priyanka Khimani

Intellectual Property Rights for Musicians Part 2 – with Priyanka KhimaniWhenever I meet people who wants to build career in Sound, their first question is – I want to be a Sound Engineer / Music Producer, where do I start and what is the feasibility of a career in this field? The answer to this

Priyanka Khimani

Intellectual Property Rights for Musicians Part 1 – with Priyanka Khimani

In this blog   we would like to revisit one of our Beyond The Live Room podcast episodes with  Priyanka Khimani, co-founder & partner at Anand & Anand & Khimani, a leading law firm in Mumbai.Priyanka has from the onset of her career successfully handled a number of high-profile matters and is known to have represented

Software and equipment

3 Best DAWs For Audio Engineers and Music Producers

3 Best DAWs For Audio Engineers and Music Producers BLOG-Digital Audio Workstation also known as DAW, is music production/ post production software that allows users to record audio on a personal computer. DAW software works on both the Mac and Windows operating systems. It is used for audio recording, audio editing, MIDI editing, mixing, and

Mic Review
Software and equipment

Microphone review – SM7B

The Shure SM7B is beloved by professional musicians for its reliable performance, top-grade construction, and noise attenuating technology that lends itself to clear recordings. This isn’t a mic for those making their first foray into recording, rather it’s for aspiring professionals and industry veterans. The uniform frequency response is excellent for all ranges of recording,

ssl six interface console
Industry Updates

Gear Highlights- SSL SIX

To the casual observer SiX looks like any other compact desktop mixer. Look a little closer and like all SSL consoles, SiX reveals a carefully considered feature set that is driven by an obsessive desire for total flexibility, to encompass every creative eventuality. It may be small but SiX is a classic SSL design. It

warm audio 76 compressor
Software and equipment

Gear Highlights- Warm Audio WA 76

Gear Highlights- Warm Audio WA 76 Warm Audio’s WA76 set its target high: the most iconic solid-state limiting amplifier in history. How does Warm do it? Through economies of scale, mostly. They don’t cut corners on components (the WA76 employs genuine US-made Cinemag transformers), but they do order parts and build in quantity, which keeps

Eq blog
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Gear Highlights- Wes Audio Hyperion EQ

Gear Highlights- Wes Audio Hyperion EQ Blog The WesAudio Hyperion is a 500 Series stereo/dual-mono/mid–side 4-band analog EQ with digital recall that gives you complete control via its companion plug-in. Connectivity to your computer is handled via a front-panel USB port — or by a special rear-panel connector — that allows it to communicate with

SM58 u87 wa47
Software and equipment

Microphone Comparison

Microphone Comparison Blog- We have used 7 different Microphones to test them against each other to hear how each microphone captures the same instrument Microphones used- Neumann u 87 ai, TLM102, Warm Audio WA47, AKG c414, Neumann KM 184, Sennheiser e614 and Shure SM58 Preamplifer- SSL Six Superanalogue Large Diaphragm Neumann U 87 The

Gear manley

Gear Highlights – Manley Variable Mu

Gear Highlights – Manley Variable Mu – BLOGThe MANLEY VARIABLE MU® LIMITER COMPRESSOR has been the best selling product for many years. It is one of the very few compressors that has become a real standard in Mastering studios and contributed to most hit records over the last decade and probably the next. “Mu” is


6 Silly Soundproofing Myths to Avoid

6 Silly Soundproofing Myths to Avoid – Blog, Believe it or not, there are so many ridiculously silly “soundproofing methods” circulating the internet that I thought why not write a blog about one to educate people as to what works and what is a lie. Some of these products are being sold on amazon at

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Gear Highlights for Audio Engineers and Producers – Universal Audio 4-710d

Gear Highlights for Audio Engineers and Producers the Universal Audio 4-710d is a classic preamplifier that has a four-channel microphone/line preamplifier with tube and solid-state tone blending, offering four additional line inputs, dynamics control, and eight channels of pristine analog-to-digital conversion. belongs to the category of “a must have analogue gear for every studio”. It’s