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5 Things You Need to Build your First Home Studio

Ever since I’ve delved in the acoustic consultancy sphere, Many clients have asked me about the steps involved to build their first home studio setup. I have been in the studio business for over 10 years now and have built 9 studios of various size from scratch. Because of this, I’ve developed a good understanding of how studios and the studio business works.
Today in this blog I will break down the 5 building blocks that you need to set up your first studio. We will go through each of them in detail and understand the importance of each of these

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Recording Artist
From The Live Room

From the Live Room: Piyush Bhisekar

At Gray Spark Audio Academy, we have always underscored the value of hands on training. As a part of their academic year, students get to assist on multiple projects. This really helps the students because they can apply what they’ve learnt on actual projects. As a part of this new blog series, we have documented

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5 Tips to Help You Start Making Great Mixes

Every time we start with the module on mixing, our faculty is asked multiple questions about the mixing process.The most frequently asked question is how should one improve their mixing technique so that they can start putting out mixes that sound great. Even though students understand how to EQ and compress sounds, they can’t seem

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The Academy Experience: Tushar Verma

Our alumnus Tushar Verma was kind enough to write a small piece about his experience at Gray Spark Audio Academy. We believe this will help a lot of prospective students understand what being a part of the academy is really like. He wrote about his journey through the nine modules. This guest post documents his

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Finding your Signature Sound as an Audio Engineer:

We recently had a small workshop at the studio to discuss career opportunities in the field of sound and how new audio engineers can find their niche in such a diverse field, to build a solid career for themselves. The panel we had invited, spoke on the subject of every sound engineer finding their own signature sound,

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Industry Updates

How to choose the right Music Producer for your Project

There are a lot of singer-songwriters who come to the studio in order to choose the right music producer to get their songs out. Choosing the right producer can be extremely crucial for your project, and its hard to figure out the right individual for your project. Keeping this in mind, In this blog post

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Application Process for Gray Spark Audio Academy – Stepwise Guide

We are really glad to hear that you are interested to join Gray Spark Audio Academy. We often get enquiries from different parts of the country, and prospective students have many doubts about our application process. Here’s a short piece that clearly explains our admission process: Admissions for the year of 2019-20 close by March

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A New Approach To Getting Great Guitar Tones

In today’s blog we will have a small discussion about recording driven/distorted guitars through amps and find the right tone/sound for your recording. Before we begin first let’s understand what is distortion, overdrive and a clean amp sound. Distortion is an effect that cause a growling sound due to a increased gain on the input

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6 Ways To Market Your Music And Grow Your Audience

The music business has gone through a substantial change over the last few years. If you want to be a successful musician, one skill that is paramount is your ability to market your work. Your success in the contemporary music business hinges on your ability to get your music heard by as many people as

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Art of Balance
Software and equipment

An Essential Guide – Which DAW should I learn?

Let us first understand what a DAW is, DAW stands for Digital Audio Workstation. It’s essentially a software program that lets you access, record, edit and playback audio. Different DAWS serve different purposes and each has its own set of pros and cons. Today we will discuss some of these software and which one you

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